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LED Pillar

We love making custom product so why not make a product we can share with everyone. Our LED Pillar is designed and built in house with our partner STEVE AYCOCK in Charleston South Carolina. This unique display was designed to showcase a customers brand in a new and distinctive way. The columns are available in two options and include a hard case for easy and safe transportation. You can get the LED PILLAR that includes one permanant imprint or get the LED PRO PILLAR that offers the ability to swap out imprints as needed. See below for details and send us an email with any questions.



How to assemble your LED Pillar. (two people required for assembly)
1. Remove Base and Column B from the case. Have one person hold Column B with the Top Side down on the ground.

2. Second person will hold the base with the feet up. Align the recessed whole in the center of the base with the side labeled Column B Bottom. Insert the bottom of Column B into the center of base. Connect base power cables to Column B. Damage can be done if you push plugs too hard into column. Carefully flip column right side up and push down firmly on the top of Column B to make sure column is completely inserted in to base.








3. Turn on the Base power switch to confirm connection. Turn power back off before proceeding.

4. Remove Column A from case. Have one person hold Column A above Column B. Using the 4PIN connectors (found in the accessory box) connect Column A to Column B. Make sure the connecting wires have the arrows facing out to the same side the LED lights are on. Once connection is made turn on Base to confirm connection. If lights do not come on you have connected the 4PIN incorrectly and you need to flip the connection.

5. Match the dowel rods from the top of Column B to the holes in the bottom of Column A and slowly place Column A on top of Column B. Magnets will lock the two columns together. Make sure to slide excess wire into holes while making sure the wires do not pinch between the columns. Column will work if wires are pinched between columns but the connectors will eventually stop working. (extra wire connectors are supplied)

6. Once connected turn the power on and adjust settings with remote as desired.

When disassembling please note that the bottom cap of Column A may be stuck inside the base. After disconnecting Column A we recommend flipping over the column, disconnecting 

the power and lifting the base off of Column B.

How to change out branded insert.

1. Remove Column A Base Cap.

2. Pull out insert.

3. Slide new insert into column.

4. Remove Column B Top Cap.

5. Repeat steps 2 and 3.

Battery Use and Care

When fully charged battery can last up to 8 hours. Turn base off when not in use.

If battery is dead make sure you turn power off. Use the AC power adapter to plug base in. You can charge the battery while column is in use. (base must be off or damage can be done to the battery) Only use SOAP AND WATER to clean the acrylic tubing.

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Asembly Instructions
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