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More Than The Brand

Sometimes someone has an idea and they just want to share it with the world. AquaPasta was exactly that. Indigo Ink Marketing + Design helped bring this idea to life. We helped our client from the brand conception and product samples to the patent and trademark process.

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Creating The Pitch

Indigo Ink Marketing + Design has relationships with manufacturers all over the world. We used our network to find a company that could deliver our first run of prototypes. Shortly after we received the product samples, we quickly got to work creating the pitch video. From writing the script to filming and editing, we helped put together a fun and exciting video that represented exactly what AquaPasta is. We hope to see the product on a shelf soon.

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Product Developement

Getting the product right can be a task in itself. We worked with our client on several designs before we found the one that worked. And that was just the begining. Getting the design patent and trademark is sometimes more difficult than developing the product. We created the patent drawings and worked with the attorneys to help streamline the process and saved our client money every step of the way.

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