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Creating The Brand

We were honored to work with one of the most talented designers in the industry on this project, Keith Hille of Hille Design. Keith created the initial logo and brand guide that was used to introduce SHUCKABLE products to the market. Using the original brand guide, we have worked to create hundreds of designs for SHUCKABLE ranging from local to regional inspiration and have even included a kid’s line of apparel called Lil'Shuck'ers.

shuckable-logo-0318_Artboard 1.png
shuckable-logo-0318_Artboard 1 copy.png
shuckable-logo-0318_Artboard 1 copy 3.png
shuckable-logo-0318_Artboard 1 copy 2.png

E-commerce Website

We excel at creating a functional eCommerce website and are proud to be a Shopify Partner. This partnership offers our clients a seamless all-in-one website where they feel safe and comfortable selling online. We have continued to edit and maintain Shuckable's website.


​Apparel Design and Production

Indigo Ink Marketing + Design is a part of every product Shuckable offers. From the material of each product to the decoration technique, we continue to work with Shuckable to source and produce new items. With our team of talented photographers, getting the right shot is a breeze and fun. 

Shuckable Good Shuckn vibes at folly light house.png
Shuckable Flower Towel Folly Beach.png
Shuckable Hat at Lake.png
SHuckable Folly Hat at Old Folly Pier.png
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